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A good start!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

A good start!

Yesterday, we published our first blog post since some time in 2016. 
We're not proud of the fact that we've neglected our loyal "Fans" for so long, and so we are going to "over-compensate" for our transgression.
As promised, this is our 2nd blog post . . . Which we are excited to report is the FIRST successful publishing of our new content.

Check it out at THIS link https://www.findallnashvillehouses.com/info/sellers

We're off to a good start!

I (Barry Owen) must admit that the learning curve has been STEEP. I've had 2 ZOOM calls with Jennifer our account manager, and really felt neanderthalic because I just wasn't "getting it". 

This morning, I woke up COMMITTED to learning this thing because I feel lots of urgency to make all of this great content available to Home Buyers and Sellers as quickly as possible.

You might say: "Well Barry! These folks have done alright for all this time without this information, why the rush?

Call me crazy, but I sincerely that once everything is on this site, it save MANY Home Buyers and Sellers from potential harm from real estate deals going wrong.

Knowledge is POWER.

When you're INFORMED about the process and aware of next steps, you will be more confident making decisions.

Don't ever forget that Buying or Selling a house is NOT an "event" . . . It's a PROCESS.

We've boiled this down to 20 steps for a home purchase and 20 steps for a home sale.

Before we getting into the process, we will first be publishing a series of pages describing the "Pareto Realty Philosophy" . . . There is NOTHING we do that isn't in alignment with our core values.

Mindset is next. This one is for our clients. There are some "understandings" that we find to be useful to get your mind right to achieve the "right" level of commitment to the process.

This buying and/or selling of a house is not for the faint of heart. Seemingly rational people can go BONKERS at any point of the process . . . Armed with knowledge and guidance (From your Pareto Realty "Vital Few" REALTOR), you WILL prevail with grin on your face at the closing table.

Please enjoy the ride and connect directly with me if you have any comments or feedback . . . or better yet . . . to schedule an appointment to start the process of Buying or selling a house!

Barry Owen
CEO/Principal Broker
Pareto Realty, LLC

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