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Being generous with Content

Wednesday, October 9, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

Being generous with Content

Everyone is a squirrel looking for a nut.

or . . . a Hammer looking for a nail.

For a sales-human, the pursuit is for that “Convertable Lead” who, with proper and diligent cultivation (follow-up), will ultimately become a “Customer” by agreeing to an appointment and become a CLIENT through earning their respect and trust by way of an empathic “Listening Consultation.”

One thing I’ve learned throughout my 25+ years as a Real Estate Sales Professional and Principal Broker is that people take trusted action faster when they are well informed about how this process works.

Many REALTORS miss the mark in this respect because they assume that the Home Buyers and Sellers know things that they don’t.

I’m not sure why this is . . . perhaps, with more experience, there’s a tendency to get a little sloppy.

Once you accept “little sloppy” performance, the “bar” lowers, and over time continues the slide in a race to the bottom.

I believe it’s essential to deliver the same level of service to ALL clients ALWAYS.

This includes all of the ways we can establish ourselves as THE SOLE RESOURCE FOR ALL THINGS REAL ESTATE . . . We do this with consistent communication with all of our “peeps” in our Niche Sphere of Influence in myriad ways – Blogs – Social Media – Direct mail – Websites – Telephone follow-up – and social gatherings.

When you become THE sole resource for all things real estate, you earn the badge of “EXPERT”, and people start saying good things about you even when you’re not in the room . . . and this leads to more business.

There are no shortcuts – only persistent consistency of useful communication in a variety of ways.

Last month, I added a BUNCH of new content to the Pareto Realty Website about the process of Buying and selling houses.

It’s ALL FREE for anyone and everyone to “consume at their leisure.”

Below are 3 links of valuable content which I hope will benefit you.

All boats rise with the tide . . . As 1 succeeds, so do we all.

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