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Beware Home Buyers and Sellers - It's a veritable landmine out there

Tuesday, July 30, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

Beware Home Buyers and Sellers - It's a veritable landmine out there

I think I am right in having the premise . . .

that most of us REALTORS do what we do, in large part, to protect vulnerable home Buyers and Sellers from harm as a result of accidentally stumbling into a real estate transaction without representation.

Nothing curdles my blood more than hearing stories of predatory entities taking advantage of an uninformed population whose sole desire is to participate in living the American Dream of home ownership.

We can all stew about this as we see more “creative” real estate firm concepts emerging in our market and on the internet. Many of these concepts are selling “CONVENIENCE” . . . “We will buy/sell your house at a fair price, and you get to move whenever you want to move, and all you’ve gotta do is send us the address of the house, and we will send you an offer within minutes.”


Do you really think this deal is good for you?

Who, in their right mind, would purchase a house at “fair market value” without first physically viewing the house and verifying it’s condition?

When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Many REALTORS are obsessing about the proliferation of advertising on radio, TV, social media, billboards, & etc . . . Quit worrying and do something about it!

Our best asset is our knowledge.

Our best defense is to bestow our knowledge upon as many of the uninformed public as possible.

We know that knowledge is POWER, and so educating the general public is the most generous action we can perform.

I believe that this begins with we REALTORS being VERY upfront about this with our clients.

At first contact, we must make it clear that we want to anticipate all of the varying ways our clients might be thinking they should be looking for their next home.

We serve and protect our home Buying and Selling clients best by educating them FULLY . . . which means that we even talk about some “uncomfortable” options.

We don’t want them going astray . . . Not to shop on myriad internet sites when ALL of the listings are on OUR site and Realtracs.com.

Also important is being candid about how new construction, open houses, and FSBOs deals work and that WE can represent our Buyers for all of those, AND it is essential that the REALTOR be present at first contact.

All of this accentuates the need for a REAL “New Buyer Consultation” with every client before starting to show houses.

In keeping with Informing our clients, I am in-process adding a lot of content about the Buyer and Seller process to our website . . . Here’s a link to The Home Buyer process

As usual, we always win with better communication.

Published by Barry Owen

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