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Making it easy for Home Buyers and Sellers to learn the Home sale process

Monday, September 9, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

Making it easy for Home Buyers and Sellers to learn the Home sale process

When you’re opting in or enrolling in a new subscription, convenience is amazing.

On-line enrollment is FAST and EASY and EXCITING!

One click from the front facing sales page is the Credit Card entry portal.

A few more “selection” clicks, and you’re DONE!

Later . . . When you don’t need the service anymore, most companies seem to go the route of making it nearly impossible to cancel. In fact, many companies make it impressively inconvenient to complete a disconnect order.

Today, I decided to cancel my membership to the Middle TN YMCA because I have been getting my exercise differently (Hiking and working out at home). I thought I would use their swimming pool but it turned out I wasn’t motivated to swim, so they were happily collecting monthly $63.

That’s my fault. I bought something I didn’t need . . . yet!

I logged into my on-line account and discovered all kinds of things I could do – Sign up for classes etc . . . but ZERO visibility of a way to make contact with a human . . . and certainly no “Cancel Subscription” options in the “My Account” section.

I finally discovered a telephone number in the footer of the 1st page of the site – called it and the nice lady told me I would have to go into a YMCA and fill out a form . . . sigh . . . one more unnecessary thing to do.

Making things convenient on the front end is smart . . . It’s also smart on the tail end.

Why the need to inconvenience people wishing to unsubscribe?

Will there be an “Exit-interview”?

Until this, I had intentions to re-join the YMCA when my schedule so allowed.


One thing we “patrons” won’t tolerate is being inconvenienced . . . Once burned shame on them . . . there are too many choices out there to risk being burned again.

Think about this regarding YOUR customer service.

How focused are you on the level of convenience you offer for your clients?

I know that Home Buyers’ and Sellers’ biggest fears center around a fundamental “not knowing” of the process of a real estate transaction. The more they know, the more confident they will be proceeding.

Pareto Realty has addressed this by making it VERY easy (convenient) for Buyers and Sellers to find detailed descriptions of every step of the process.

Check’m out at these Links – Home Buyer Process – Home Seller Process

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