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REALLY? It takes As many as 42 (or more) people to complete a real estate transaction?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

REALLY? It takes As many as 42 (or more) people to complete a real estate transaction?

YES! If you know a successful REALTOR, you know a person who KNOWS how to coordinate a large team of people to complete a very complex transaction.

To complicate matters further, few (if any) of these people are "employees" of this REALTOR.

Many REALTORS might comment that it's akin to "attempting to herd kittens" . . . A real impossibility, yet WE REALTORS choose to do this over and over and over again.

Below is one of my favorite depictions of the flow of the REal Estate Transaction.

Add to the mix the myriad "personal agendas" - Emotional intensity - Life changing events of epic proportions, and ridiculous requirements with very short fuses and tight time deadline constraints.

30 Years ago, REALTORS controlled ALL of the "Data". Only we knew the inventory of available houses, and that was a huge piece of our "value/Worth" to the general public. When the internet showed up, the things that made us worth our income shifted. The internet now makes the inventory infinitely available at no cost. Yes! The REALTORS are still providing the listings by entering them in the MLS system, but the shift has now become a HUGE fiduciary duty to serve and protect the Home Buying and selling CLIENTS.

REALTORS are no longer "Tour Guides" . . . We are now the quintessential "quarterbacks" calling the plays, educating our clients, and driving the process. This requires us to have many "resources" including relationships with a variety of other professionals (Lenders, Title Companies, Attorneys, & etc). We deliver all of this even as most REALTORS are working on a "Contingency Fee" pay structure . . . We don't get paid until the deal is CLOSED.

Pareto Realty is upping the game of informing Home Buyers and Sellers about this process of buying and selling houses by adding FREE and easily accessible information on our website http://ParetoRealty.Com

Please visit the site and connect with us with any comments or feedback. Bear in mind that we are still building this resource. We anticipate having all of the content on the site within a week (Mid July 2019) and will get looking uniform and pretty by the end of July. We are pushing everything LIVE as we generate it which may look sloppy, but we made the decision to make it available NOW instead of later :-)

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