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Seller - Buyer Final Walkthrough

Friday, August 23, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

Seller - Buyer Final Walkthrough

Most Home Buyers will do a Final Walkthrough of the house on the day of or day before the closing.

This is the Home Buyer's last opportunity to spend some time in the house before becoming the owner.

Of course, no mutually agreed contractual terms can change as a result of this walkthrough.

The purpose of this walk-through is mainly to verify the house is ready for their move-in after closing.

  • Inspection Repairs - If there were repairs to be done prior to closing, they want to know they were done in a professional manner. In the event the repairs were significant, they might do TWO walk-throughs . . . one 7 days early to be sure all is well and/or on schedule . . . and then another walk-through day before or of the closing. They can only negotiate consideration for broken promises regarding unsatisfactory Inspection repairs. Remedies for this could range from delaying the closing until they are complete (not ideal), or close as scheduled and have the Title Company hold Money from the Seller's proceeds in escrow, close, and release the funds to Seller less the cost of repairs. Of course, it's best for all repairs be completed per the Repair/Replace amendment to avoid these last minute negotiations.

  • The Buyers are also Verifying the seller has, indeed, moved out and left the house in satisfactory condition and cleanliness.

  • Verify that appliances and other personal property transferring with the sale have remained

  • Maybe a little time to admire the house they are about to buy.

You - the Seller can make this a great experience for everyone by doing a few simple things.

  • Have the house professionally cleaned after all furniture has been removed

  • Leave all keys and Garage remotes on the kitchen counter - also appliance warranty manuals

  • Cut the grass (if needed)

  • Leave a note/letter thanking the Buyers for buying your house and letting them know about any quirks in the house and an introduction to the neighbors.

  • Some Sellers even leave fresh cut flowers and a bottle of bubbly

It is not uncommon for Buyers to think of questions while doing this walk through. If so, we will coordinate with their REALTOR to answer the questions . . . or if they are comfortable with talking with Sellers directly, we can make those connections.

Your Vital Few Pareto Realty REALTOR loves the excitement of a great walk-through (Not as fun if issues are discovered, but grateful to have identified an issue before closing.

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