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Seller - Final 10 Days

Friday, August 23, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

Seller - Final 10 Days

For most transactions, 10 Days prior to closing marks the final sprint to the finish. 

Odds are good that the Buyer's Loan is approved, the inspection and appraisal contingencies are satisfied, and you are well on the way towards moving on to your next abode.

These final 10 days are very important. There are potentially many "loose ends" for us to tend to in order to close the transaction as planned.

Your Vital Few REALTOR will be very attentive to all of these details.

We will be paying attention to:

If the house is in a neighborhood with a Home Owner association, we will be checking to be sure there are no complications with extracting from the association . . . Sometimes. we learn late in the game that there are assessments or dues to be collected.

We will order the Home Warranty (if applicable).

This is a period of time during which we (your agent) will be making contact with every person involved EVERY day until the closing is complete.
While this may sound "overboard", this practice has saved MANY heartaches.

As we follow up with Lender, Title Company, Buyer's agent, etc we are looking for any signs that some detail has been missed.

If repairs were required, we are checking to be sure they are schedule to be complete before the Buyer's final Walk through.

As the Seller, your primary focus will be on preparing for the move - packing - ordering transfer/cancellation of utilities - coordinating movers.

We will Be super attentive to the lender and title company for any sign of unforeseen complications. 

Often, there are last minute requirements from the loan underwriter for the Buyer. These are always surprises, and the sooner we can tackle them, the easier it will be to delete them as issues.

This is also a good time to coordinate details with the Title company. Confirm wiring instructions for your proceeds to land magically in your bank account smoothly and quickly.

Our ultimate goal is for EVERYTHING to be complete and ready prior to the day of closing, SO . . . you can enjoy and celebrate a smooth closing experience.

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