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Seller NLT 14 Days After Binding Agreement

Friday, August 23, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

Seller NLT 14 Days After Binding Agreement

The Paretozoan way of serving our clients impeccably begins with our focused desire to deliver a convenient process. This is Lucky Number 13 Step of the Buyer Process.
From the moment we achieve the Binding Agreement, we are FULL THROTTLE with the goal of having as many of the contractual conditions satisfied as possible within the first 2 weeks. 
Tn REALTORS - Our TN State Association has served us well in this regard by baking into the Purchase and Sale Agreement performance deadlines that help all of us continue forward momentum.
The 14th day after Binding Agreement is a deadline for some important details which, prior to these deadlines being present, often were not addressed until the last minute. Historically, this resulted in unnecessary stress added to the already stressful moving pieces that go with completing last loan related requirements, coordinating packing and moving all the while still needing to go to work and feed the pets.

Many of these requirements fall on the Buyers. We mention them in the Seller Process so the Sellers are aware of ALL of the deadlines. Your Vital Few REALTOR will be watching like a hawk to be sure that the Buyer is performing per the contract during these first 2 weeks. Our "way" is DAILY telephone calls to the Buyer's agent and lender if there's any sign of misinformation from the Buyer agent.

By day the end of day 14 after the Binding Agreement Date:

Buyer is required to Notify the Lender of "Intent to proceed": Remember that the Buyer selected a lender in the beginning of the process and received a Loan Approval Letter? The Purchase Agreement allows the Buyer to change lenders and/or loan products as long as the changes do not affect the Seller (financially). Day 14 is the deadline for the Buyer to commit to a lender. Of course, the Buyer does not have to wait til the last minute :-)

Buyer to provide proof to lender of available funds to close per the loan estimate.

Once the Lender receives this Intent to Proceed, the agreement requires the Buyer to request the appraisal be ordered and fee paid.

Buyer must Secure evidence of of hazard insurance: This is the Home Owner's Insurance policy. The reasoning behind requiring this early in the process is that the Insurance underwriting process considers many factors to determine the rate . . . Including the creditworthiness of the Buyer, age and condition of the house, as well as "premiums" for the property being in a "high risk area" (Flood plain). It is completely possible that these premiums could escalate the cost of the insurance enough that it could throw off the Buyer's Debt:Income ratio resulting in . . . denial of the loan. So . . . We want the Buyers to obtain the Insurance policy early enough in the process for us to "adjust accordingly if necessary".

While there are not many requirements (other than Home Inspection obligations), we "Listing Agents" stay very present throughout this period. We will never hesitate "Taking the lead" to facilitate all requirements of the contract moving forward.

One thought worth thinking is one of gratitude for the smart people who have built this Purchase agreement to be so thorough and preemptive. 

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