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Selling your home? Your participation is essential!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

Selling your home? Your participation is essential!

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  4. Preparing your house for the market - Your participation is important

Of particular importance is the active participation of the Home Seller during the marketing period.

We have all heard the expression "First Impressions are lasting impressions", and this is VERY important.

Most Home Buyers make decisions based on first impressions . . . They have low tolerance for houses that are not prepared for the market. Additionally, these Buyers will be viewing several properties, and we want our listings to SHINE in comparison to all of the others.

Seller Participation


During our listening meeting, we will have discussed your preferred showing instructions - that is, how much notice you might need before a REALTOR appears with a client to show your house and how you prefer to be notified of showings. The optimal scenario is that you make your house available to show "at a moment's notice." We help you out here by using the ultra-secure MLS Lock box system which allows us to lock a key within a box which can be electronically opened by any REALTOR. REALTORS subscribe to the system and have electronic keys which are individualized for each REALTOR. The system automatically records the time and date and who the REALTOR is accessing the box. This system is VERY secure. 


The smoothest scenario is that you allow us to secure a lock box somewhere near (or on) the front door. Your "job" is to keep the house prepared to show at all times (We know this can become tedious, but please bear with us). We will instruct our office to call the number you would prefer and to leave a message as to the time frame of showings. Most agents will ask for an hour block of time. This seldom means that the agent will be in the house for an hour. Most agents show several houses consecutively and are estimating their arrival times at each house (not knowing how long their clients will look while in each house). Most agents will leave evidence of their visit by leaving a business card somewhere in plain sight. 


One essential key to selling your home in this market is showing availability. The easier it is to schedule showings - the faster YOUR buyer will be able to walk into the house. 


We understand that you might have times when you just can't seem to get it together (or would like a break from showings) - simply give us a call, and we'll make sure you get the deserved respite. 


Your participation Is Critical To Your Home Sale 


True or false?  Once you have chosen a REALTOR to represent you in the sale of your home and have signed a listing, you should get out of the way and let the Realtor find a buyer? 


False.  Selling a home quickly and at the best possible price requires involvement by the owners as well as the Realtor in the selling process. 

The seller’s responsibilities fall into two areas:
1. Providing a home that is fairly priced with attractive terms
2. Providing a home in marketable condition. 

The Realtor is responsible for preparing and implementing a marketing plan which will attract suitable buyers to the home. 


Pricing is important because most buyers comparison shop before making their purchase decision.  As a result, they eliminate homes which are priced above “fair market value,” As your real estate consultant, I provide details of recent sales in the local market, and pricing of similar homes currently for sale.  Together, we analyze this data to arrive at a price which reflects the value offered by your home. 


Providing an attractive home in marketable condition is critical to a successful sale, too.  Remember, yours is not the only property the prospective buyer will see. You are competing with model homes, homes that may have been professionally decorated, and homes that have no children, no pets, and Mr. and Mrs. Perfection as owners.  No matter how effective the marketing plan, buyers expect to purchase a home in excellent condition. As your consultant, I perform an objective walk-through inspection of your home and provide you with a list of possible improvements. I call this “staging the home properly for sale.”  It is then up to you to see that the home presents a positive first impression. 


What kinds of things would be on this list of improvements? 

  •  Outside - Are shrubs overgrown?  Oil in the driveway? How does the grass look?  Do the flower beds need weeding and mulching? Try very hard to see your grounds through an independent observer’s eyes.
  • Your home’s exterior - Is the paint fading or chipping?  Is the color outdated or too personal? Is mildew or mold growing?  If it is freshly painted, is it dirty? I always recommend that you paint the front door and trim; often, the buyers stand at the front door waiting to get inside.

  • Inside - Go though room by room and pack up at least 30% of the accessories.  The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are two different things.  I like to refer to this as “advance packing.” Empty closets as much as possible . . . you want to create the perception of roominess.  If any of your carpets or vinyl flooring are worn our out-dated, consider replacing them before showing. The walls - clean them where you can.  If you have any rooms with very personal colors, consider painting these rooms a neutral color. Repair badly cracked plaster, loose door knobs, and crooked light fixtures.  Repair any known plumbing or electrical defects; the buyer will probably have a professional inspect the home prior to closing.
  • Make your home sparkle - If you do not have the time or inclination, hire someone to thoroughly clean the house . . .windows inside and out, all kitchen appliances, bathrooms to pass a “white glove inspection.”  Remember, you’re in show biz now.
  • Pets - get rid of any existing pet odors and keep the pets out of the house during showings 

  • The garage - I know, this is going to sound extreme, but this area is usually a catch-all where everything goes that has no place to go, so it is usually a mess.  Therefore, if your storage area is neat, one would surmise that you must really take good care of the whole house.

  • Lighting - Bring as much natural light into your home as possible for showings.  Consider leaving key lights on when you leave.

  • Plan to work in partnership with your Realtor.  The results are sure to be emotionally and financially satisfying.  After all, it IS a lot of work to sell your home for the highest possible price! 

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