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Step #4 of the Home Buyer Process - The search for the right Property

Friday, July 19, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

Step #4 of the Home Buyer Process - The search for the right Property

Now that you (Buyer) have secured Exclusive Buyer Representation and have seleceted a Lender and have a Loan Approval letter in-hand, we're ready for the fun part . . . Finding the house that's right for you. 

We have a good idea of the kind of house you seek and your specific needs and wants as well as the general neighborhood and will be able to narrow down the inventory of houses on the market in your price range with the use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This process benefits you because it 
optimizes your time.

Viewing houses that don't meet your preferred parameters is futile effort.

We work very closely with you throughout this search process as we notice your "likes and dislikes" of the houses we view.

We might occasionally ask: "If you were to rate THIS house on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being PERFECTION, how would you rate this one? What would need to be different to make it a 10? We then follow through by searching the market to identify properties that most closely meet your requirements."

Once suitable properties are identified, we arrange a showing appointment with you to tour several properties consecutively.

Bear in mind, we can show you ANY house (Re-sale, New Construction, House, Condo, Land, Auction, Foreclosure, For sale by Owner) on the market regardless of who has the property listed.
 Prior experience tells that the average person is completely "saturated" after seeing somewhere between 7 and 10 houses in one outing, and it generally takes 15-30 minutes per house. The optimal duration for a tour of houses is not longer than 3 hours. Selecting which houses we see is a collaborative effort between you and your REALTOR . . . our "tools" are the MLS (we can email listings to you and you to us) and any properties you may have identified on the internet or driving through neighborhoods. 

Remember, we can show you ANY house available on the market INCLUDING “FOR SALE BY OWNER” and NEW CONSTRUCTION HOMES. If you see a house advertised in a magazine or newspaper (or notice a sign in a yard) and would like more information and/or to arrange a time to see that house give us a call. 
Do NOT call the Listing agents! They represent the Sellers! 

We may learn of houses fitting your requirements that are not yet on the market. We continually tour homes and interact with other REALTORS. Additionally, we check the MLS each morning for any new listings that have come on the market. The bottom line is that if we do not find your dream home currently on the market, we will undoubtedly find it as soon as it hits the market. 

The day before a house tour, we arrange the showings with the listing office for each house for an approximate time frame. 
The sellers generally leave the house, so we can see the house privately (and comfortably open closets and poke and prod).

Our intent is always to arrange the order of seeing the houses in somewhat of a circle, so we end up back where we started. 
We will always give you a packet of MLS listing sheets arranged in the proper sequence (giving you something on which to make notes). 
As we travel from house to house, we are watching you very closely (following YOU through each house rather than leading you). 
We will be watching your "body language" and continually building your perfect house in our mind as we go . . . 
We will also "play a game" with you that goes something like this:
 "If this house and the last house you saw were the ONLY 2 houses on the market in your price range, which one would you buy and why?" Throughout the trip, we will continually check up on which house is your "favorite." The key to "success" is communication. 

We usually encourage you to go inside each of the houses even if the exterior is not appealing to you . . . It's that old "You can't judge a book by it's cover" thing. Remember that we are not the owners of any of the houses . . . If you don't like something, tell us your thoughts unfiltered . . . you will not hurt our feelings and may give us some good feedback for the agent who is marketing the house. 
House hunting is serious business, but that doesn't mean we can't have a bit of fun along the way. Our goal is to offer you a comfortable environment in which we both discover the "right" house for you . . . ummmm . . . and then to buy that right house J! 

How to know when it’s the “RIGHT” house? Clients often ask this very question. Usually, the asking of this question indicates a hint of fatigue - as in when traveling on vacation, the children ask MANY times along the way: "ARE WE THERE YET?

The only real assurance we can give you at this point is that we WILL get there. 
Now, to answer the question a bit more directly. Frequently after looking at several houses, a recap of where we are looks something like this . . . "If only we could take the kitchen out of house #1 and put it in house #2 and then take house #2 and put it on the lot that house #3 sits on . . . and then put a basement under it and add an attic just like the one in house #4 . . . THAT would be the perfect house!!" First if you reach this point, do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal. We find that this presents a superb time to revisit your ultimate scenario and to look again at your priorities. Are there any "must haves" that might not now be quite as essential? Would you reconsider perhaps the notion of buying a house that might need a little "fixing." Often, some fresh paint and carpet . . . or opening a door in a dead-end room will do the trick. 

With all of the above said, there is also this thing called "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT." We believe this really happens. Many clients look and look and look and begin to get discouraged and then suddenly SHAZAAM, we walk through the door of the PERFECT house. What is most amazing is that most people say later that they knew the minute they walked through the door that the house was the perfect house . . . We believe that the "right" house will appear when the time is "Right," and YOU will know it that instant.

Having found the perfect house, it is now time for Analysis followed by the making of an offer . . .

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