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The Search for the right Buyer for your house

Thursday, August 15, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

The Search for the right Buyer for your house

Every Real Estate transaction has 4 phases.

Search - Analysis - Negotiation - Completion

To some degree, each of these 4 phases "intermingle" because every transaction has potential for analysis and negotiation along the way.
When a person asks us what our real value is - how we earn our commission - the answer lies in the execution of the complete process with as little inconvenience possible for you, our client. Finding/Showing houses and entering listings in the MLS is a necessary competency for all Real Estate Sales professionals. The real value lies in the fiduciary duties/responsibilities to serve and protect our clients while orchestrating as smooth a process as possible. THIS is the "magic" ingredient, and most REALTORS accomplish Herculean feats during this process . . . and seldom take that credit that is due . . . It's our job, and that's how we earn our pay.

For the Home Seller, the search phase is about finding the right Buyer who is ready, willing, and able to buy this house with terms agreeable to the Seller. We take the time at the beginning to work with you to get your house in its finest showing form before offering it for sale. We find that the best formula for a timely sale is putting a clean, uncluttered house before the prospective buyers at a reasonable price. You might be surprised how many houses hit the market before they are in "selling"condition.

We then launch a marketing strategy unique to YOUR home that includes a mix of direct mail, networking with other REALTORS, internet marketing, open houses, print advertising as well as myriad other ideas. We market your home to find that one single perfect buyer who will offer you as close to perfect terms and conditions for you as possible. Our process includes a high level of communication throughout this phase because we know that most Home Sellers are anxious until that right Buyer shows up. This communication includes sending feedback from showings and Open Houses, Weekly calls - "Check-ins" whether or not there's any news to report.

We know from experience that houses that are appropriately "priced and conditioned" typically have 10 or more showings in the first two weeks on the market. Additionally, the houses with that level of showing activity usually receive an offer within 3 weeks. In the event the Buyers and/or offers are not showing up, we schedule a meeting or call to discuss strategy going forward. Often this means considering the feedback received (if any) and adjusting based on that. Remedies can be adjusting staging of furniture, painting rooms, and/or price reduction.

During this Search for the right Buyer process, we Vital Few REALTORS are "like a mouse in a maze" looking for the perfect "solution" to get the house SOLD.

Remember that we are all in on this together . . . and when we receive an offer, we ALL win, but we've got several hurdles ahead of us before we can claim victory.

We are on the same team!

Once an offer is received, we move into the analysis phase.


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