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When we focus on our competition, we risk losing sight of our true mission

Wednesday, July 17, 2019   /   by Barry Owen

When we focus on our competition, we risk losing sight of our true mission

I received a comment on a blog post I wrote a few days ago. This was a Principal Broker/Owner (like me), and she was frustrated with having to "compete" with the large Real Estate Brokerages.

That really got me thinking!

The real estate industry is always in transition (along with every other industry on the planet), and we are seeing new business models come and go.

For sure, there are some VERY large firms here in Nashville . . . a few of them with more than 1,000 agents.

The numbers are staggering because Nashville is ON FIRE with growth. Our Association has over 5,000 members and is growing rapidly (75-100 each month).

For sure, this can feel intimidating to the "smaller" companies many of which are independent locally owned and operated firms like Pareto Realty.

I responded to this lady with the comment that I do not choose to invest any energy whatsoever in attempting to "compete" with these megalithic players.

My experience is that the agents who want to work with those companies are not the same agents who would want to be with companies like ours.

These are not agents looking for a "work family" steeped in "culture".

Their values and needs are different than these of the "Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty"

We DO value mutual support!

We take pleasure in helping each other and growing together.

We take pride in our commitment to create long term (lifetime) relationships with our home buying and selling clients.

we believe this is a people business and not volume business . . . It's not how sales we've closed for us . . . It's how many families we have served.

All of our Vital Few REALTORS "get" the importance of Niche Specialization because of the enherent value that comes with a local expert.

And we believe as one succeeds, we all succeed.

If you're a REALTOR, and any of this resonates with you, we would love to connect with you, so you can learn more about us as we learn about you.

If you're a Home Buyer or Seller, we hope you will connect with us to experience our "small town" smooth way of serving our clients.

Being "mega" is NOT a goal of ours.

Know who you are :-)

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