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Tuesday, December 6, 2016   /   by Barry Owen

When you want - or need to move in out or within Nashville

Buying or Selling a house is a BIG thing for most folks.

Most of us don't do it often, and it's a HUGE financial move in addition to the more obvious significance that it will represent CHANGE.

When we change where we live, EVERYTHING moves.

The move itself represents change with SO many important things in our lives:

- Relationships - Family, friends, work associates, neighbors, hair dressers, auto mechanics . . . 
- Jobs - Whether it be a career change, relocation, promotion, or retirement, occupational change in and of itself will rock your world. 
- Lifestyle/Recreation - Shifting from urban to suburbs or rural - Condo to House - or any combination - a new location presents a whole new world to explore.
- Dreams - We all have them, and many of them correlate to where and how we want to (or need to) live - Dream fulfillment is a GREAT reason to sell or buy a house. 

So . . . in all transactions of any kind, there are two fundamental factors we MUST ...

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Monday, December 5, 2016   /   by Barry Owen

How much is too much communication when buying a house?

There is NO such thing as too much communication throughout a real estate transaction.

While the process of buying and/or selling a house ain't rocket science, it involves a minimum of 42 people and myriad moving parts.

Even the smoothest of deals can go wacky in the blink of an eye.

Think about the mystical reality that when a Buyer and Seller come to terms on a house sale, it Opens a Space for 42+ people to participate. All of these folks have the same goal . . . to CLOSE the transaction ON TIME! Each of these people has a unique and very important role, and timing is of the essence because the contract prescribes a defined series of tasks/events and when they must be accomplished.

Amazingly, this happens successfully for Nashville House Buyers and Sellers (and all over the world) with regularity. The Buyers and Sellers, Lenders, Processors, Underwriters, Inspectors, Handymen, Attorneys, Title companies and their staffs, Real estate agents, Movers, Utility Companies . . . ...

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Sunday, December 4, 2016   /   by Barry Owen

Reasons to buy a house in Nashville Now and not later

It's no secret that the real estate market throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee is HOT!

In fact, Nashville's "IT City" status has given rise to an unbelievable influx of people (guestimate is in the 100 people per day range), and all these people gotta live SOMEWHERE, right?

THE fundamental truth in real estate is: "We cannot make more dirt!", thus the adage that the 3 most important factors to consider when buying a house are:


The developers and builders are hard at the task of building residences (Apartments, Condominiums, Single family houses, and commercial office and retail space to serving this burgeoning population. Their goal is to build as much as the governmental and neighborhood authorities will allow. The ultimate quest is increase the density.

How many residences can we fit per acre of land?

As we "run out dirt" in the popular areas thereby approaching maximum density, prices rise.

When there are more Buyers ...

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